The Design and Practice of Philanthropy

“I am not convinced that being a philanthropist is determined by the amount of money given, but by a generous heart giving as much as possible.”  -Nancy Skinner Nordhoff

A generous heart is joyful and willing, and it yearns to give more. But how do we know how much is enough? How do we balance the needs of our family with the needs of the community, let alone the world? How do we discover our values and align them with the gifts we have to give and what is needed? In order to strengthen the muscle of our generous heart, we need to begin answering these questions.

Philanthro∙be is the design and practice of philanthropy. Through retreats, seminars and occasional musings here, my work encourages and nurtures philanthropists by exploring how to:

  • be informed about your resources and the needs of your community;
  • be intentional about how you spend your time and money;
  • be joyful in giving and receiving.

You are a philanthropist, and you have all that you need to make a difference.