I approach my work with enthusiasm, dedication and a sense of humor, at once a collaborative peer and a results-oriented project leader. I am creative, original and conceptual. I build bridges and see patterns. I am intrigued by root causes, and enjoy grappling with challenges that tease at the systems within systems. I don’t hesitate to ask tough questions in order to energize and focus action. I consider myself an instigator, motivating and inspiring movement in others.

Following is a list of the types of projects I’ve been involved with over the years.

    • Business/Operational plan development
    • Individual philanthropic plan development
    • Small group and retreat facilitation
    • Donor development
    • Staff and board trainings
    • Program design and development
    • Grantwriting and proposal review
    • Strategic restructuring

Contact me for information about how I might be of assistance with your project or process.